Congratulations to Emily Damato!

Congratulations to MIT senior Emily Damato, who won the “Audience Choice Award” at the April 26 SuperUROP poster session, with her poster “Applications of Machine Learning for Cryo-EM.”   Emily has been part of the Drennan lab for two years, this past year as a SuperUROP.  Her mentor in the lab, Ed Brignole, who now heads… Continue reading Congratulations to Emily Damato!

Congratulations to Mary for her poster!

Congratulations to postdoc Mary Andorfer on her prizewinning poster “Taming radical enzymes through directed evolution and structural analysis.”  Mary’s poster received Third Place in the Postdoc Category for Best Poster at the April 10 Annual Poster Session of MIT’s Center for Environmental Health Sciences (CEHS) and Superfund Research Program (SRP).

Welcome to Emily Ulrich!

A warm welcome to postdoc Emily Ulrich, who joined the Drennan lab on April 2.  Emily will receive her PhD this May from the University of Illinois.  Her thesis, written under the direction of Wilfred van der Donk, is entitled “Diverse Enzyme Reactions in Phosphonate Natural Product Biosynthesis.”    

Cathy featured at MIT’s MacVicar Day March 9

MIT celebrated exceptional undergraduate teaching, and honored a new group of MacVicar Faculty Fellows, with a symposium on March 9 titled “Inclusive Pedagogies: Building a Vibrant Community of Learners at MIT.”  Cathy, a 2015 MacVicar Faculty Fellow, kicked off the symposium, speaking about stereotype threat.  Read the MIT News feature.


Congrats to Dr. Tsehai Grell and Dr. David Born on successfully defending their respective PhD dissertations!

Cathy featured at ImprovBoston

Cathy (third from the right, with cast members) was the featured guest at ImprovBoston’s Spotlight Series on March 1. To a sold-out house, Cathy and the cast performed im- provised skits, working off a short on-stage interview with her.  This was Cathy’s second appearance with ImprovBoston. ImprovBoston’s Spotlight Series shines a light on Boston-area professionals… Continue reading Cathy featured at ImprovBoston

Drennan lab research featured in MIT news

As reported in MIT News, Drennan lab research has contributed to the discovery of the structure of an important enzyme.  The results were published February 20 in the journal eLife.  Read more in the MIT News article.   

Cathy receives Bicentennial Alumni Award from the University of Michigan

Cathy was one of ten distinguished University of Michigan alumni who received the University’s Bicentennial Alumni Award at the December 2017 Winter Commencement in Ann Arbor.  University of Michigan Provost Martin Philbert said of the awardees “Their contributions in fields including the arts, health sciences, public policy, entertainment and philanthropy exemplify the university’s commitment to… Continue reading Cathy receives Bicentennial Alumni Award from the University of Michigan

Congratulations to Ed Brignole

Research scientist Ed Brignole has been appointed to direct the cryogenic electron microscopy (Cryo-EM) facility at MIT.  Ed is excited about developing this research capability that will be housed in the nearly completed MIT.nano building. He looks forward to engaging broadly with scientists and engineers at MIT and continuing to work closely with the Drennan… Continue reading Congratulations to Ed Brignole

Welcome to postdoc Mary Andorfer

The Drennan lab welcomes Mary Andorfer.  Mary got her PhD in August 2017 from the University of Chicago; her thesis, written under the direction of Professor Jared Lewis, examined the use of halogenases as tunable catalysts for synthetic organic chemistry. Welcome Mary!    

Principles of Chemical Science published on MIT’s OpenCourseWare

MIT’s OpenCourseWare (OCW) has published Cathy’s 5.111SC Principles of Chemical Science.  The course website includes a number of special features such as lecture notes, instructor insights, and a link to Behind the Scenes at MIT, a collection of short videos of MIT researchers talking about their research as well as their personal stories.  Read more… Continue reading Principles of Chemical Science published on MIT’s OpenCourseWare

Congratulations to Emily Damato

MIT undergraduate Emily Damato has been chosen as an MIT EECS-Lincoln Laboratory Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar, receiving funding through the prestigious EECS Research and Innovation Scholars Program.  Emily will work in the Drennan lab as a SuperUROP on her project  Automating Electron Microscope (EM) Particle Reconstruction with Machine Learning, under the mentorship of Ed… Continue reading Congratulations to Emily Damato

Graduate Student Tsehai Grell featured on MIT’s home page

Nominated by the Chemistry Department, Tsehai Grell was selected to be featured on MIT’s home page.  In her profile she speaks about growing up in the Commonwealth of Dominica, her research in the Drennan lab, and her commitment to making MIT more inclusive for graduate students.       

Drennan Lab welcomes five undergraduates for summer 2017

Five undergraduates are spending the summer of 2017 in the Drennan lab.  Newcomers are MSRP Bio student Gisele Andree, a rising junior at UMass Amherst majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry; HHMI EXROP student Luis Caldera Guzman, about to begin his senior year at UC Berkeley, where he majors in Bioengineering, and Materials Science & Engineering;… Continue reading Drennan Lab welcomes five undergraduates for summer 2017

Congratulations Lindsey, Steve, and Manny!

Congratulations to Lindsey Backman on receiving a Gilliam Fellowship, Steve Cohen on being selected for the MIT Biotechnology Training Program, and Manuel Ortega on receiving a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Postdoctoral Enrichment Award!

Congratulations to Jessica Gable!

Congratulations to Jessica Gable on receiving the Department of Chemistry Research Award for outstanding achievement in chemistry research! Jessica is a graduating senior and the Drennan Lab will miss her greatly, but we look forward to hearing about her amazing accomplishments in graduate school!  Read more…

Congratulations to Christina for Being Featured in MIT News!

Congratulations to Dr. Christina Zimanyi for her newly published paper in eLife! The paper, titled Molecular basis for allosteric specificity regulation in class Ia ribonucleotide reductase from Escherichia coli, has gotten a lot of press over the past few weeks from MIT News, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, and Science 2.0!

Congratulations to Dr. Marcus Gibson!

Congratulations to Dr. Marcus Gibson for being featured on MIT News! The article highlights his paper One-carbon chemistry of oxalate oxidoreductase captured by X-ray crystallography, published in PNAS, early edition on December 28th, 2015. photo credit: MIT

Congrats Graduates!

Congrats to Drennan lab graduates Michael Funk, Marcus Gibson, Marco Jost, and Martin McLaughlin!

Congrats to Martin McLaughlin!

Congrats to Martin McLaughlin for receiving the 2015 Department of Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma Award, a 2015 Strem Prize, and for graduating Phi Beta Kappa!

Congrats to Ben and Martin!

Congrats to Martin McLaughlin and former Drennan lab undergraduate Ben Bell on being selected to receive the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Martin will be graduating from MIT with a BS in Chemistry in May 2015. Ben graduated from MIT in May 2014 and is currently working toward his PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology and Stanford.

Congrats to Cathy Drennan on Becoming a MacVicar Fellow

Congratulations to Dr. Cathy Drennan for being named one of four 2015 MacVicar Faculty Fellows. The MacVicar Fellowship was created in honor of the late Margaret MacVicar to honor MIT instructors who have demonstrated outstanding undergraduate education, both in the classroom and outside as a mentor and educational innovator. Cathy was honored last Friday at… Continue reading Congrats to Cathy Drennan on Becoming a MacVicar Fellow

Congrats to Marco Jost on his paper in PNAS!

Congratulations to Marco Jost for his paper titled “Visualization of a Radical B12 Enzyme with its G-protein Chaperone” being published by PNAS. The structures of the complex between this G-protein metallochaperone and one of its target proteins, a radical B12 enzyme, reveal the molecular architecture and the pathways that both sense and report on the cofactor loading state.… Continue reading Congrats to Marco Jost on his paper in PNAS!

Congrats to Ben Bell

Congrats to Ben Bell (Course 7, Class of 2014) for receiving the 2014 Ned Holt Prize, “For demonstrated excellence in scholarship as well as service to the MIT community”, and for being accepted to graduate school at Stanford University.

Congrats to Martin McLaughlin

Congrats to Martin McLaughlin (Course 5, Class of 2015) on receiving a 2014 Randolph G. Wei UROP Award for outstanding undergraduate research.

Congratulations to Marco Jost

Congratulations to Drennan lab 4th year graduate student Marco Jost on receiving a 2013 Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship Award.

Congratulations to Marco Jost

Congratulations to Drennan lab 4th year graduate student Marco Jost on being selected to attend the 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.

Congratulations to Mishtu Dey on her paper in Nature

Congratulations to Mishtu Dey and the HppE team for their paper “Mechanistic studies of an unprecedented enzyme-catalysed 1,2-phosphono-migration reaction“. The article was also highlighted in “Biochemistry: Positive and radical,” by Spencer C. Peck and Wilfred A. van der Donk.

Congratulations to Peter Goldman and Kaity Ryan

Congratulations to Peter Goldman and Kaity Ryan for having their Chem Biol paper “An Unusual Role for a Mobile Flavin in StaC-like Indolocarbazole Biosynthetic Enzymes” highlighted in preview article ” “Babysitting Flavin for Biosynthesis,” by Sheryl Tsai.

Congratulations to Marcus Gibson

Congratulations to Marcus Gibson for his selection as a member of the Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability for the academic year 2012-13

Cathy Drennan to give Distinguished Scholar Seminar

Cathy Drennan to give Distinguished Scholar Seminar at 2012 SPIRE Postdoc Fellowship Program Workshop, UNC Chapel Hill on November 16, 2012 Congratulations to Nozomi Ando and Yan Kung for recent publication in JACS: “Transient B12-dependent methyltransferase complexes revealed by small-angle X-ray scattering. “Congratulations to Marco Jost for his selection as an MIT Poitras Fellow (2012-2013)