Medical School Recommendation Guidelines

1. Make sure I know you well enough to write a letter before asking.

2. If you do want me to write you a letter, you will need to ask me by March 15th. If I say yes, then I will need electronic copies of ALL of your information by April 15th. I write letters in April and if I don’t have all the information, I can’t write the letter, and you will have to find someone else.

3. Once I have agreed to write a letter, please email me (no paper versions please) by April 15th the listed items below, preferably in a single email unless short deadlines would make that less useful:

a. Your C.V.

b. A transcript with your GPA

c. Your personal statement (draft is okay)

4. If you’re using MIT’s Prehealth Credential Service for recommendation letters, there’s no need for a master table of schools. If you’re not using that service (e.g., you’re not an MIT student), please do include a master table as described under Graduate School Letters.