Graduate School Recommendation Guidelines

1. Make sure I know you well enough to write a letter before asking.

2. If you do want me to write you a letter, you will need to ask me by November 1st. If I say yes, then I will need electronic copies of ALL of your information by November 15th. If I don’t have all the information, I can’t write a letter and you will have to find someone else.

3. Once I have agreed to write a letter, please email me (no paper versions please) before November 15th the listed items below, preferably in a single email unless short deadlines would make that less useful:

a. Your C.V.

b. A transcript with your GPA

c. Your personal statement (a draft is okay)

d. A master table of all the schools to which you are applying in the format below. Make sure to list the applications chronologically with the earliest due date listed first.

Due Date


Program or Department*

12/15 Harvard Program in Chemical Biology
1/3 Berkeley School of Chemistry
1/15 Michigan Department of Chemistry

* Indicate if it is a department or program if possible

e. All forms. Please fill out your information and type in my contact information:

Name: Catherine L. Drennan
Position: HHMI Investigator and Professor; MIT Professor of Chemistry and Biology
Department: Chemistry and Biology
Institution: MIT and HHMI
Mailing Address:
Room 68-680, MIT
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (617) 253-5622
Fax: (617) 258-7847
E-mail: cdrennan at