Summer Research Program Recommendation Guidelines

NOTE:  Recommendation Limit is Five Programs

1. Make sure I know you well enough to write a letter before asking.

2. If you want me to write you a letter for programs with deadlines in mid-January/early February, you will need to ask me by December 15th. If I say yes, then I will need electronic copies of ALL of your information by January 1st. I write letters during the semester break and if I don’t have all the information, I can’t write the letter, and you will have to find someone else.

3. Once I have agreed to write a letter, please email me (no paper versions please) by January 1st the listed items below, preferably in a single email unless short deadlines would make that less useful:

a. A brief (paragraph-long) description of the kinds of programs you are applying for and what you hope to gain from your summer experience.

b. A master table of all the programs to which you are applying (see above format under Graduate School Letters). Make sure to list the applications chronologically with the earliest due date listed first.