Structure/Function Relationships in Radical SAM Enzymes

Radical SAM cofactor

The 100,000-membered radical S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) enzyme superfamily is a Drennan lab favorite in their quest to understand how Nature uses radical cofactors to perform the most challenging of chemical transformations. Radical SAM enzymes perform a range of functions from vitamin and antibiotic biosynthesis to post-translational modifications (some reactions of radical SAM enzymes are shown in the accompanying figure). The Drennan lab started their work on radical SAM enzymes in collaboration with the Jarrett laboratory (U Hawaii) to investigate the structural basis of sulfur insertion by biotin synthase. The biotin synthase structure was one of the first two X-ray structures of a radical SAM enzyme, which established the ‘core’ fold for this enormous superfamily. More recently, Drennan (in collaboration with Squire Booker at Penn State U) solved a structure of lipoyl synthase that shows an Fe4S4 cluster being cannibalized for its sulfur. Using the Laboratory for Anaerobic Crystallography (LAC@MIT), they also structurally interrogate radical SAM enzymes that contain additional iron-sulfur clusters (with Booker and Vahe Bandarian (U Utah)) or cobalamin (with Hung-wen Liu, U Texas-Austin). The functions of these enzymes include peptide and nucleic acid modification, and biosynthesis of antibiotic and antiviral compounds. We also study glycyl radical enzyme (GRE) activases, the radical SAM enzymes that post-translationally modify glycine to form an enzyme-bound glycyl radical species.


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