Postdoc Recommendation Guidelines

1. Make sure I know you well enough to write a letter before asking.

2. If you do want me to write you a letter, you will need to ask me ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. 

3. Once I have agreed to write a letter, please email me (no paper versions please) the listed items below, preferably in a single email unless short deadlines would make that less useful. If you are applying to multiple labs or multiple fellowships that are due around the same time, please give me all requests at once if possible.

a. Your C.V.

b. A sample cover letter for job applications or draft of postdoc fellowship proposal

c. Short summaries of past research

d. A master table of fellowships or labs to which you are applying. For fellowships, make sure to list the applications chronologically with the earliest due date listed first.

Due Date

Fellowship or Lab

Address of PI

or link to fellowship info

How letter should be sent


Link will be emailed, PDF should be sent to email address

*Indicate if fellowship requires a special form or page limit or has questions to answer.