Educational Links

Professor Drennan’s course Principles of Chemical Science added to MIT’s OpenCourseWare

Professor Drennan featured at SBGrid consortium

Professor Drennan’s iBioSeminar on Metalloproteins: Introduction, Medicine, and the environment

Interactive Structure Factor Tutorial

International Union of Crystallography

Figures of molecules and/or electron density:

  • Examples of various formats with scripts
  • Introduction on making images using O with examples
  • See also Software two sections below
  • Stereo images using Molscript or Ribbons

    Multiple Anomalous Dispersion (MAD):

  • MAD theory and literature
  • Scaling of MAD data by Philip R. Evans
    Protein Stereochemistry Analysis:

  • Atlas of side-chain and main-chain hydrogen bonding
  • Papers: Good model-building and refinement practice
  • PARVATI from E.A.Merritt
  • Protein Structure Quality Score


  • Bacteriorhodopsin
  • Data Reduction from Twinned RNA Crystals (ACA abstract)
  • SHELX97 also deals with twinning