Instructions related to Cathy serving on your thesis committees

Instructions Related to Cathy Serving on a Thesis Committee

Cathy serves on many thesis committees in multiple departments at MIT and at several other universities. She takes this responsibility seriously.

Cathy keeps her summers free for research. Thus, she will not participate in thesis committee meetings during the time period of June 15 to September 1. Thesis defenses can be scheduled during this time period if necessary.

In order for Cathy to have time to do a good job on your thesis committee, she asks that you follow these instructions:

1. The thesis document should be delivered on PAPER (double-sided, preferably three-hole paper (we have spare binders)) ONE WEEK before the thesis defense. An electronic copy is NOT acceptable.

2. You must tell Cathy WHEN and WHERE the thesis defense will be held at least ONE WEEK before the thesis defense. It is not Cathy’s job to discover the location of the exam. If she is not told, she will NOT attend. Suggestion: the location of the exam could be written on the PAPER copy of thesis.

3. The thesis should be proofread and departmental/institutional formatting instructions should be followed.