Education Related Projects

Education Related Projects

Teaching and Mentoring Training

Diversity Resources: Addressing Stereotype Threat in the Classroom

We have developed resources to train individuals to effectively run a seminar on stereotype threat in the classroom. Read more here.

Graduate Student TA-Training “Boot Camp”

We have developed and implemented two versions of TA-training for the Chemistry and Biology Departments at MIT. Read more here.

HHMI-MIT Mentor Training Initiative

We have developed a mentoring seminar for graduate student and postdoctoral mentors. Read more here.

Simple Strategies for Improving General Chemistry Lectures/Classes

Biology and Medicine Examples for Chemistry Lectures/Classes

To illuminate the connections between disciplines, we developed brief examples that relate concepts taught in general chemistry to inspiring topics in biology, medicine, and MIT research. Read more here.

Two-Minute Videos: Faces of Chemistry

We have developed a series of twelve short videos of undergrads, graduate students, postdocs and professors discussing how a general chemistry concept is essential to their research. Read more here.

Best Practices for Clickers in the Classroom

We assessed the best practices for clickers in general chemistry courses. Read more here.

Development of a Research-based Laboratory Class

Research Inspired Biochemistry Laboratory Modules

We have developed two “research-inspired” biochemistry lab modules enabling students to investigate a modern and exciting research topic. Read more here.


These projects have been supported by a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Professors grant to Cathy Drennan.