Education Interests

Educational Resource Development and Assessment in the Drennan Lab

My contributions to education include the development of resources to help undergraduates recognize the underlying chemical principles in biology and medicine. My HHMI-funded education group has produced videos for use in freshman chemistry that depict the diversity of chemists and of chemical applications. We have developed teacher-training material on topics such as stereotype threat to equip graduate student teaching assistants to be the future’s leading teacher-scholars. Through the development and assessment of educational resources, we seek to help students recognize the underlying chemical principles in biology and medicine, motivate and inspire a diverse group of undergraduates, and equip current graduate student TAs to be the next generation of teacher scholars.


Simple Strategies for Improving General Chemistry Lectures/Classes

Teaching and Mentoring Training

Research Inspired Biochemistry Laboratory Modules


These projects have been supported by a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Professors grant to Cathy Drennan.

Other Education Interests

Connecting Teachers, Scientists, and Engineers